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Sustainable living

Sustainable living is important for everyone on the planet. We can all reduce our personal impact on the environment – and this free website contains lots of ideas for living a 'greener' life.

But being 'green' isn't enough – society also needs scientists, engineers and new technology to help us lead more sustainable lives. And to have enough scientists and engineers in the future, we need to ensure today's students are inspired to select STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) when the time comes to choosing qualifications.

The new geography section looks at some of the worldwide issues surrounding sustainable land and resource management.

As a technology company, 3M understands society's need for scientists.
Our community programme in the UK and Ireland is therefore focused
on supporting the teaching of STEM subjects.

Designed for use with 11–16 year-old students, 3M Worldlywise
looks beyond the obvious advice and considers the complexity of sustainability issues.

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