The NEW Total Hearing Solution from 3M

1. Identifying the Noise Hazard

2. Selecting the Right Product

The 3M™ Quest™ product range, 3M™ Optime™ Sound Check Meter and the 3M™ Noise Level Check Service all provide a variety of methods to help you identify the noise levels within your working environment.

Once you’ve determined the level of noise in your working environment you can use the Optime Alert colour coding to help determine which of these 3M products is the most suitable:

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Find out more »   Request a sample »

3. Training your workers

4. Validating the protection

As part of 3M’s ongoing commitment to hearing conservation, we will provide a voiced presentation to help you train your employees on noise hazards. For companies with more than 500 employees, 3M will come and provide in-house training directly.

Ear canal shapes are different as are the fitting methods for hearing protection. By using the 3M™ EARfit™ Validation System you can ensure that every individual is receiving a suitable level of protection.

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Find out more »   Request a sample »

Sample Request

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