3M™ Cavilon™ Barrier Cream - Freedom from sore skin

  • Recommended and used by medical professionals, Cavilon Barrier Cream has been specifically designed to help protect and repair the skin of anyone suffering from incontinence. It builds an invisible, durable barrier for your skin, saving it from damage and helping damaged skin to heal naturally.

    Which means you can enjoy freedom from the effects of sore skin caused by incontinence associated dermatitis and get back to enjoying the things that make life great – like dancing, gardening or spending time with loved ones. 

  • Incontinence and Care

    Learn more about sore skin caused by incontinence.


  • About Cavilon

    Know more about how to prevent and fight back incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD).

  • FAQ

    See here some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


  • Keeping Skin Healthy

    Simple steps to help protect, soothe and heal your skin.


Where can I buy Cavilon Barrier Cream?

You can buy Cavilon Barrier Cream online from one of our authorised retailers. And better still, there’s no need for a prescription.