Surgeons using Prevena Therapy for cardiothoracic surgery

Prevena Central for cardiothoracic surgery

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    Reduced rate of SSI compared to standard of care1

    90-day post-operatively
    4% (3/75) Prevena Therapy vs.
    16% (12/75) SOC (p=0.0266)*

  • Icon depicting 90%

    Reduced rate of wound infection with gram-positive skin flora1,*

    90-day post-operatively
    1.3% (1/75) Prevena Therapy vs.
    13.3% (10/75) SOC (p=0.0090)*

  • Icon depicting 99%

    Primary wound closure at day 6/7 on removal2*

    30-day post-operatively
    98.7% (234/237) Prevena Therapy

  • Calculations are derived based on relative patient group incidence rate reported in this study.

    *Statistically significant (p<0.05).

Proactive Risk Management (PRM) with Prevena Therapy

Implement PRM to help protect your high-risk patients. See the evidence behind the use of Prevena Therapy in cardiothoracic surgery.

  • Prevena Therapy is supported by more than 200 peer reviewed publications, with more being published every year. Download our easy to digest summary of the relevant clinical and health economic evidence to support the use of Prevena Therapy in cardiothoracic surgery.

  • Prevena Restor Arthro•Form Cases
    Patient and procedure risk stratification

    Prevena Therapy can benefit all surgical patients—but choosing Prevena Therapy for your high-risk patients can lead to improved outcomes and significant cost savings. Our Proactive Risk Management (PRM) guides will help you to select the right patients, and the right procedures , helping you to optimise outcomes.

  • Prevena Restor Arthro•Form Cases
    Clinical compendium

    With over 200 peer reviewed publications studying Prevena Therapy, there is now sufficient evidence to provide evidence-based guidance to help support surgeon’s decision making.

    Download the clinical compendium

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Surgeon testimonials

  • A clinician's hands holding the Prevena 125 Therapy Unit above a patient's abdomen
    Dr V. Seenu Reddy, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, describes how Prevena Therapy is helping to support enhanced recovery protocols for higher risk patients in his practice.

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  1. Grauhan O, et al. Prevention of post sternotomy wound infections in obese patients by negative pressure wound therapy. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2013;145:1387-1392.
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