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Towards enhanced post-operative recovery

Following a surgical procedure, the post-op healing journey can be hindered by a unique set of challenges. These complications can potentially compromise the healing process, leading to delayed rehabilitation, poor functional outcomes, and lower patient dissatisfaction. Breast reconstructive surgery is associated with a 33% overall complication rate with 19% of patients requiring a reoperation1.

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    Significant swelling is inevitable.

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    Swelling creates tension around the wound, which can lead to dehiscence.

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    If dehiscence occurs, infections and other complications may result.

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    Complications can delay patient recovery or lead to reoperation.

Next-generation of incision and soft tissue management

3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy is the first and only system designed to manage the incision and surrounding soft tissue envelope. Built using the original 3M™ Prevena™ Therapy technology, Prevena Restor Therapy is precision designed with an expanded coverage area to minimise swelling which may facilitate ambulation. With up to 14 days of negative pressure therapy Prevena Restor Therapy reduces the need for frequent dressing changes, enabling you to discharge with confidence.

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    Extended therapy time

    Up to 14 days of therapy, with no additional dressing changes.

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    Precision designed

    Dressing seamlessly conforms to the patient and allows for articulation and ambulation.

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    Expanded coverage area

    Larger dressing delivers therapy to the incision and surrounding soft tissue envelope while bolstering and stabilising the area.

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    Easy to apply

    Simply peel and place the form-fitting dressing.

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Post-Op Breast Management Conference

Join our Post-Op Breast Management Conference on 27th May 2021 to hear from Surgeons around the world who have already tried this innovative new technology.


Introducing 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Bella Form™ incision management system

Prevena Restor Bella Form video
  • how Prevena Therapy works - video
    How Prevena Therapy works

    The original Prevena Therapy is uniquely designed to manage and protect surgical incisions from surgical site complications.
    Watch the video to learn more.

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    How Prevena Restor Therapy works

    The effects of negative pressure applied to intact skin via Prevena Therapy were evaluated using Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA)2. Based on the analysis, it is hypothesised that volumetric expansion may help:

    • Expand the tissue beneath the dressing, pulling the tissue open
    • Lower local interstitial fluid overpressure
    • Open lymphatics to allow fluid clearance

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