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Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury

Prevent Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI)

  • MARSI Brochure

    Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury is a prevalent and serious complication that occurs across all care settings and among all age groups, yet such injuries are generally accepted as an inevitable part of patient care. MARSI is currently under reported as it is not categorised as an adverse event. This has made the prevalence and financial impact of MARSI difficult to document. 3M's range of product and solutions have been designed to allow healthcare professionals to reduce the incidence of MARSI.

    Click here(PDF, 656 KB) to find out more about understanding and preventing MARSI

Protecting patient comfort and safety

  • In order to establish formal guidelines on the proper assessment, prevention, and treatment of skin injuries, 3M convened a panel of 23 recognised clinical experts to establish an agreed consensus on the issue.

    By increasing your understanding and awareness of MARSI, and implementing these guidelines, you can improve your patients' experience, help to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes.

    Click here(PDF, 2.4 MB) to download your copy of the statement.

A leader in medical adhesives

At 3M, we have been developing and improving medical adhesives for over 50 years, working to create the right kind of adhesive for almost any medical application, including gentle-to-skin medical tapes.

Our culture of collaboration, investment in research and development and expertise in adhesive technology has enabled us to develop the tapes, dressings, skin closures and professional skin care products you depend on to enhance patient care.


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