Health care products you can depend on for the patients who depend on you.

At 3M, our philosophy is applying science to improve the world. That's why we combine our diverse technologies and global strength to develop innovative health care products with the aim of safeguarding people's health and well-being, both today and tomorrow.

By working with leading healthcare professionals around the world, we are able to understand the current challenges faced by doctors, nurses and all other care givers, and make their jobs easier by providing quality products that prevent infection, promote healing, simplify procedures and reduce costs.

  • Casting & Splinting

    Comfortable and customisable while still providing strength and stability, we provide a complete range of advanced synthetic casting tapes, splinting products and compatible casting accessories.

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  • Patient Monitoring

    We believe in accuracy and reliability when monitoring patients. Listen to heart beats with clarity using a 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes, and get dependable ECG monitoring traces with 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes.

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  • Securement

    We want to help you choose the best securement option for each patient and clinical need. Secure everything from fragile skin to critical tubing and devices with tapes, wraps, site dressings and much more.

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  • Skin & Wound Care

    We understand how important healthy skin is to the overall health of a patient, and our range of medical tapes, adhesives, barrier creams and dressings help to reliably achieve better outcomes for your patients.

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  • Sterilization & Monitoring

    Our sterilization products are used by healthcare providers including high-volume acute care facilities, outpatient surgery centres and primary care clinics to reduce the risk of health care associated infections.

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  • Surgical Solutions

    We provide everything the theatre needs, from pre-op to intra-op to post-op, and collaborate with you to manage surgical site infection associated risk factors and improve patient and staff safety.

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  • I.V Site Care

    I.V. sites are prone to the risk of infection, dislodgement, skin damage, and other complications. Our innovations, from skin protection to securement devices, help you to protect every I.V. catheter from insertion to removal.

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  • Patient Warming

    From paediatric to elderly, simple to challenging, our flexible temperature management solutions are designed to help you achieve your patient normothermia goals without compromising surgical access.

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  • Postoperative Dressing

    Monitoring incisions after surgery is critical to reducing the risk of surgical site infections, and dressing selection plays a significant role in how an incision is protected post-operatively.

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