Immobilization: Casting & Splinting

Casting and Splinting

  • With over 30 years in the immobilisation market, we understand there is little room for error when treating patients. 3M is here to support you with your casting and splinting needs. Comfortable and customisable while still providing strength and stability, 3M immobilisation products provide desired outcomes for both you and the patient.

Casting & Splinting Products

  • Forget messy plaster casts, now you have a variety of fiberglass and polyester casting tapes, available in a range of colours and different levels of rigidity once cured.

  • Sometimes broken bones need to be set before treatment. Choose an option most suitable to your patients' needs from our range of pre-cut and cut-your-own splint lengths.

  • Providing improved patient comfort and cast protection, our range of casting accessories are compatible with synthetic casting tapes and Plaster of Paris for ease of application and removal.

  • Sprains require proper support and attention. Find a flexible support with various fabric and custom dial options from FUTURO™ Braces and Supports.

Featured Product

  • Casting tapes

    3M™ Scotchcast™ Casting Tape

    Increase patient comfort with a breathable, lightweight cast that is highly durable and is less likely to breakdown - saving you time and money. Scotchcast casting tape has been designed to be suitable for both focused rigidity casting (FRC) and conventional casting techniques as well as providing patient comfort with softer edges, a smooth exterior and a low profile.

    Find out more about our range of casting tape

Training videos

Improve your cast and splint application skills as needed. Our cast and splint application educational videos demonstrate techniques to help you feel more confident in caring for your patients. We make learning easier and more comfortable with a series of videos suitable for different levels of experience.

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