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Temperature Monitoring

Keep your patients' temperature spot on with zero heat flux technology

Imagine being able to accurately monitor your patients' core temperature right the way through the perioperative process with one simple device. The 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Core Temperature Monitoring Sensor follows the patient through their surgical journey, giving you the confidence to measure and manage temperatures to maintain normothermia for all of your patients.

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    Chosen by experts

    Are you a medical expert looking to conduct a study related to core temperatures? The Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system has been the temperature monitoring method of choice in a number of prominent studies, including a study by Kent and Canterbury hospital to analyse the effect of thermometry on recognition of peri-operative hypothermia and patient throughput, which was awarded 2nd prize at the AAGBI conference in 2014.

    Download the AAGBI abstract(PDF, 496 KB)

  • Temperature Monitoring
    Try the next generation temperature monitoring

    Contact your local 3M representative to organise a demo, and try the Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system today. We can even complete a trial as part of a temperature audit.

    Contact us to book you Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system today

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