Orthoptic Eye Patches

Tried and trusted by ophthalmologists across the world, 3M™ Opticlude™ Orthoptic Eye Patches are comfortable, colourful solutions that help to correct amblyopia, an often sensitive and embarrassing condition suffered by children. The Opticlude range includes eye patches for children featuring fun designs and gentle adhesion, helping children suffering from amblyopia to feel relaxed and happy when undergoing occlusion therapy. 3M also provides occlusion therapy support for ophthalmologists, orthoptists, parents and children.

  • Opticlude

    Opticlude orthoptic eye patches are used to treat childhood strabismus and amblyopia, more commonly referred to as 'lazy eye'. Worn over the stronger eye, the eye patch encourages the weaker eye to start working harder and stimulate vision, helping the part of the brain that manages sight to fully develop.

Occlusion Therapy

  • Around 1-5% of children in the UK suffer from amblyopia, more commonly known as 'lazy eye'. Lazy eye is caused by an interruption of normal visual development during a critical period in childhood, resulting in poor vision in one of the sufferer's eyes.

    It is not always immediately obvious when a child begins to suffer from amblyopia, making it highly important that young children have their eyes tested as a matter of rountine by a professional ophthalmologist or optometrist. National eye test programmes vary from region to region and are usually performed at school entry, at the ages 4 or 5. Eye tests for children are also available free of charge via the NHS.

    Amblyopia is treated by patching (covering) the good eye - often referred to as occlusion therapy, with the aim of encouraging the weak or 'lazy' eye to start working and stimulate vision. By using occlusion therapy, the part of the brain that manages sight is able to fully develop. Patching can last for several hours a day and the whole treatment can last from a few months to several years, depending on the severity of the condition and the concordance of the child. That is why it is vital that prescribed treatment is followed and that everything possible is done to encourage the child to wear the patch and make them feel comfortable and happy while doing so.

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