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Fluid Warming

Improve patient outcomes with effective fluid warming

Deliver fluids warmly and safely to your patients with smart dry heat technology

  • 3M™ Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming
    Why choose 3M™ Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming?

    The Ranger system allows you to warm fluids effectively without compromising patient safety. With air elimination and bubble trap functionality included with all our fluid warming sets, you can protect your patients against the risk and dangers of air embolism.

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  • 3M Ranger Pressure Infusor System
    3M™ Ranger™ Pressure Infusor System

    The Ranger pressure infusor system can be relied upon to provide rapid infusion of large volumes of fluids whenever you need them. Applying up to 300mmHg of maximum dynamic operating pressure to any fluid, the Ranger pressure infusor system can be used with all fluid warming systems, including 3M™ Ranger™ High Flow Delivery Sets for maximum versatility.

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  • 3M Ranger Irrigation System
    3M™ Ranger™ Irrigation System

    Did you know that our fluid warming range also include irrigation warming sets? Cold irrigation fluids can reduce core temperatures, leaving patients at risk of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia. The Ranger irrigation system warms fluid as it's being delivered to the patient, giving fast, accurate heat control with no risk of overheating fluids.

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Protect your patients against air embolism

See how the Ranger high flow delivery system's unique air elimination feature works, and explore our other training videos.

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