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We are on a mission to reduce the risk of perioperative hypothermia complications

Temperature management is an essential component of patient care. Having reliable tools to maintain normothermia throughout the perioperative period helps safeguard your patients from the potential of dangerous complications. Your hospital’s surgical team deserves every advantage to ensure the best results.

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Did you know that unintended hypothermia is still a frequent cause of surgical complications, despite being easily preventable?

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    • Learn more about the optimal warming protocol for maintaining normothermia in surgical patients in this easy to understand infographic guide.

      All the facts you need to know about patient warming, all in one place!

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Don’t just take our word for it! Clinicians around the world have been implementing the optimal warming protocol using the 3M Bair Hugger Normothermia System with highly positive results.

  • Dr Claude Laflamme webinar
    • In this webinar, Dr Claude Laflamme, Consultant Anaesthetist at Sunnybrook HSC in Toronto Canada, shares his knowledge, experience and expertise to guide surgical teams in taking the lead to improve patient outcomes.

      Real Hospital. Real results.

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Now that you are ready to take action to improve patient outcomes, we are here to support you with tools and resources to make positive changes in practice.