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Surgical incision and wound management

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    Non-healing wounds, left untreated and unmanaged, can result in significant medical issues including infection.2

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    Infected wounds lead to higher costs and longer hospital stays.1,2

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    Patients with an SSI are 5x more likely to be readmitted within 30 days than those without an SSI.3

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Post-op incision and surgical wound solutions

  • Prevena Therapy is uniquely designed to manage and protect the surgical incision in patients at risk of surgical site complications, including infection.⁴ Prevena Therapy has been proven to help reduce surgical site complications and improve patient outcomes across multiple surgical specialties,⁵⁻¹³ helping to reduce the burden on healthcare facilities through reduced reoperations⁶,⁹,¹² and associated additional costs of treatment.¹³,¹⁴

  • Prevena Restor Therapy is the first and only system designed to manage the incision and surrounding soft tissue envelope. Built using the original Prevena incision therapy technology, Prevena Restor Therapy is precision designed with an expanded coverage area to minimise swelling which may facilitate ambulation. With up to 14 days of negative pressure therapy, Prevena Restor Therapy reduces the need for frequent dressing changes, enabling you to discharge your patients with confidence.

  • Veraflo Therapy has been shown to provide better clinical outcomes overall compared to other wound therapies, including 3Mᵀᴹ V.A.C.® Therapy when added to standard of care.¹⁵
    Veraflo Therapy has also been shown to provide faster time to wound closure for complicated wounds than standard of care¹⁵ which may help to reduce the burden on operating rooms during challenging times.

  • For low risk incisions, Tegaderm absorbent clear acrylic dressings offer a waterproof,¹⁷ transparent¹⁸ barrier; allowing active monitoring and early intervention without disturbing the incision.¹⁹
    Extended wear time²⁰ and ability to shower without removing the dressing allows patients to return more quickly to daily activities.¹⁷

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