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Commercial air travel is back, and aircraft build rates in the next two decades are expected to far surpass pre-COVID-19 levels. See how the 3M Aerospace team is helping our OEM and Tier partners rise to the challenge with advanced solutions for exterior assembly, interior part manufacture and countless applications in between.

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Technical white papers

  • While honeycomb core composites are used across aircraft interior applications for their low weight and high stiffness, efficient and consistent core splicing remains a major design challenge. This paper explores how honeycomb core splicing and finishing can be enhanced by controlling variables of the cure cycle.

  • Application of expanded foil-based lightning strike protection films to carbon fiber reinforced plastic aircraft skins has been attempted through automated fiber placement. However, the film material frequently has difficulty resisting dynamic forces encountered during application. This paper discusses a conductive lightning strike protection prepreg robust enough to survive AFP application.

  • While expanded foil wide area conductors have been successfully applied to fiber reinforced plastic skins for lightning strike protection, they incur a substantial weight penalty. This paper explores how very thin wide area foil conductors can help enable powerful lightning strike protection at a fraction of the weight.

Past event recordings

  • You can streamline time-consuming processes, avoid autoclave bottlenecks and automate your applications. This free webinar explores how aerospace adhesives, engineered to meet OEM and Tier specifications, can empower you to tackle tough production challenges and enhance your process efficiency.

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    Video describing webinar on using 3M lightning strike materials.
    Advancements in lightning strike protection technologies for composite aircraft structures

    Meet your processing, quality and lightweighting targets with industry-leading LSP materials. This webinar also discusses how advanced technologies such as automatic fiber placement, novel conductor concepts and more can help you automate your processes and strengthen lightning strike protection for composite structures.

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