Chemical pharmaceuticals

Chemical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

For all stages of chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing, 3M is a world leader in advanced depth filter systems and membrane-based separations. We offer an extensive range of products and services to help pharmaceutical manufacturers ease regulatory compliance requirements for the industry.

Chemical API Manufacturing Products and Applications

  • Chemical API Manufacturing Products for Bioprocessing
    Chemical API Manufacturing Products 

    For products that address all stages of pharmaceutical processing and sterile filtration, our extensive line of chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing products deliver optimal results, from laboratory to pilot-scale, to manufacturing-scale operations. 3M products meet the demands of regulatory agencies throughout the world and are used by some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the industry. 

    Activated Carbon Filters

    Depth Filters

    Membrane Filters

  • Chemical API Manufacturing Applications Bioprocessing
    Chemical API Manufacturing Applications

    3M helps meet regulatory requirements, for advanced filtration technologies that address applications for small molecule and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing.

    Catalyst Removal

    Color Removal

    Bioburden Filtration

    Solvent Filtration

    Sterilizing Grade Filtration

    Vent and Air Filtration

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