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Explore all 3M biopharmaceutical clarification and purification product solutions

Help boost your biopharmaceutical manufacturing efficiency and get help to solve your challenges in harvest & clarification and in purification. ​

​Work with 3M to explore a wide range of portfolio solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing products designed for robust performance, efficiency and accelerated operations. We offer products from traditional depth filters to sterile membranes to hybrid chromatographic solutions at all stages of discovery to production.

Products for harvest and clarification applications

Address increasing cell densities and titers while driving efficiency in your bioprocessing applications. 3M's harvest and clarification portfolio, from depth filtration to next-generation technologies like the fiber non-woven technology, can help meet your needs.

  • Products that are easy to handle and come in a variety of pore sizes with a wide range of filter media to fit your process needs.

  • The next-generation solution of harvest and clarification technology to increase yields while streamlining the clarification process.

  • The innovative fiber non-woven technology designed to reduce cell debris, DNA, HCP and endotoxin and to deliver consistent, high-purity clarified process fluid.

Products for purification and contaminant removal applications

3M has proven solutions and expertise that help you address HCP reduction and bioburden control for a variety of applications leveraging membrane and fiber chromatography technology.

  • A compact solution with greater capacity for delivering higher purity and yield in the downstream polishing unit operation.

  • Advanced pleat technology enables exceptionally high-capacity and high-flow sterilizing grade filters.


  • Designed with operator ease and convenience in mind, accommodating a variety of 3M production capsules for biopharmaceutical processing lines.

  • We offer a series of housings to accommodate 3M™ Zeta Plus™ cartridges.

Want to simplify your process?

Innovation in cell culture production has created additional complexities for the clarification process. 3M offers single-stage and single-use solutions to help simplify your process and increase manufacturing efficiency.

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