Image demonstrating how three stages can be simplified into a single step using 3M™ Harvest RC

Next-generation harvest technology

Single-step chromatographic purification at the harvest and clarification stages for recombinant protein therapeutic manufacturing


Harvest and Clarification

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    3M™ Harvest RC

      Are you interested in a cost-efficient, single-use and single-step option to streamline your process? This next-generation harvest and clarification technology:

      • Delivers higher yield and higher product quality
      • Replaces the centrifuge and/or depth filtration processes with a single step
      • Has a compact, small-footprint design
      • Streamlines recombinant CHO harvest and clarification
      • Uses chromotographic clarification
      • Is designed to handle high cell density cultures ranging from 5% to 8% PCV.
    • 3M Harvest RC enables a facility strategy that overcomes scale limitations and enables cost-efficient manufacturing with a full range of lab, pilot and manufacturing solutions to support the growing demand for biologics.

Next-generation bioprocessing

The newest 3M solution, 3M Harvest RC, utilises fibrous anion exchange (AEX) chromatography to efficiently separate cells, cell debris and DNA from the harvest fluid containing the target product. Precision quaternary ammonium (Q) functionalized polypropylene fibre, combined with a 0.2 µm PES membrane, provides predictable clarification that is scalable from discovery to commercial manufacturing.

Next-generation process

Cost-efficient and compact

3M™ Polisher ST is a fully encapsulated single-use anion exchange (AEX) product intended to reduce host cell protein impurities, viruses and other negatively charged contaminants in flow-through polishing chromatography.

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3M Harvest RC
  • Removes soluble and insoluble contaminants
  • Turbidity reduction from >2000 to <15 NTU
  • High mAb recovery, >95%
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Quality and reliability

3M Harvest RC enables use of a smaller 3M™ LifeASSURE™ PDA filter capsule and/or tighter grade membrane for more consistent bioburden control and higher product recovery.

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Are you interested in a cost-efficient, single-use and single-step option to streamline your process? Learn how to set up experiments for implementing 3M Harvest RC in your upstream process. Sign up for a virtual trial with a 3M application engineer.

Innovative design and performance

3M Harvest RC enables a single-stage clarification process of high density cell culture (> 40 million cells per mL) with high recovery, and high fidelity of soluble and insoluble contaminant separation. Cells are bound inside the media by electrostatic charge interaction with the AEX chromatographic fibres. This results in the efficient retention of large and small particulates without developing a surface cake layer. The media can also remove soluble impurities which results in cleaner effluent than centrifugation or depth filtration.

  • Cell harvesting and clarification are both crucial steps that can have a significant impact on the design of downstream processes. As processes change upstream in the pharmaceutical manufacturing workflow, causing variability of cell culture fluid, downstream purification unit operations will be impacted.

  • Read an analysis by Frost & Sullivan on how 3M Harvest RC transforms the clarification process by replacing centrifuge and depth filtration steps, improves process efficiencies and scales effectively with a wide range of product formats.

  • Academic and industry leaders in biopharmaceutical manufacturing participated in a thought leadership forum, the Virtual Think Tank series, to discuss challenges, strategies, techniques, and barriers to new technology implementation in monoclonal antibody harvesting.

  • Read a Frost & Sullivan analysis of how 3M Harvest RC re-imagines the clarification process to address challenges posed by global biologics trends.

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Designed to advance bioprocessing

Simplify three stages into a single step.

Infographic demonstrating how three stages can be simplified into a single step with 3M™ Harvest RC
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  • Streamline your harvest and clarification process and deliver higher yield and quality with a new small footprint solution.

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