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  • As the biotech industry has become more adept at producing complicated molecules, attention now has shifted to becoming more efficient. To accomplish this, we must examine platform processes’ order of operation and the interdependencies impacting them. This evolution is critical because benefits can include (for example) technology used upstream designed to alleviate technology bottlenecks downstream.

    Learn more of the industry trends and 3M's approach to holistic platform evaluation

  • As therapies have grown in complexity, some drug manufacturing platforms have lost viability. To address a variety of modalities while continuing to operate efficiently, it is necessary to reinvent how physics and chemistry are utilized within these separation technologies.

    Read now: 3M embraces the alignment of our culture with that of customers who pursue high-risk initiatives with a goal of accomplishing truly disruptive outcomes.

  • Strong collaborations between producers, suppliers and regulatory bodies will be imperative to make the biopharmaceutical industry more efficient and sustainable. There are several routes to consider, but all solutions will require doing more with less. Process intensification and simplification with advanced single use technologies can offer significant gains that can be part of the trajectory towards sustainable production of biologics.

    Read now: 3M single-use technologies can help drive facility efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

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