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How To

Our recommendations for repairs in the Bodyshop and SMART Repair Industry

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  • Paint Rectification

    3M Bodyshop paint rectification and correction process is used by industry professionals. Use the correct abrasives to eliminate dirt and dust nibs after painting.

    Paint Rectification
  • Repair A Tab

    Both sections of a broken tab can be repaired with 3M Bodyshop Solutions. Ensure optimum adhesion by thorough cleaning and, effective smoothing of rough edges.

    Repair A Tab
  • Sand Primer

    Our 3M Bodyshop solutions ensure a stronger and faster cut across the board for your sand primer needs.

    Sand Primer
  • Repair A Panel

    Learn the panel repair process with 3M Bodyshop solutions. From preparation to execution and review, our panel repair process ensures great results every time.

    Repair A Panel

  • Prepare For Primer

    Whether it's light de-nibbing or a more serious defect, 3M offers a wide range of rectification products designed to help bodyshops achieve a perfect finish

    Prepare For Primer
  • Prepare For Topcoat

    Looking to prepare for topcoat? Our 3M Bodyshop topcoat preparation process covers every step from degreasing to colour checking and beyond.

    Prepare For Topcoat
  • Masking

    Our 3M masking solutions are perfect for even the most tricky to mask areas. Protect from overspray and achieve precision in your Bodyshop repair needs.

  • Compounding + Polishing

    From compounding to polishing, ensure you have the right solution to maintain a quality finish. 3M Bodyshop solutions can help get you there!

    Compounding + Polishing

  • Local Repair

    3M have developed dedicated Local Area Repair processes with 3M products to help you carry out repairs effectively.

    Local Repair
  • SMART Repair

    Cost effective technique for areas the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

    SMART Repair
  • Plastic Repair

    3M’s plastic repair materials provide a solution for fixing cracks, holes and tears in automotive plastic parts.

    Plastic Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Repair

    3M technology can be used to repair alloy wheels. This is a cost effective alternative to replacing damaged but reparable wheels.

    Alloy Wheel Repair

  • Paint Application

    Including innovations such as PPS™ Paint Preparation System and, more recently, the Accuspray™ System, 3M has a wide range of solutions for car paint spraying.

    Paint Application
  • Personal Protection

    Protect yourself and your team from potentially harmful paint spray, dust and noise. 3M Bodyshop helps you to identify the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your needs.

    Personal Protection
  • Bumper Repair

    Our bumper repair solutions offer a faster and simpler method of application than that of traditional repair methods.

    Bumper Repair

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