How to Bond Dissimilar Materials

Bonding Dissimilar Materials
Multi-Material Bonding

Find the best ways to join dissimilar materials and hard to bond substrates using 3M tapes and adhesives



  • Multi-material bonding can be a significant obstacle to design and engineering professionals. 3M's range of specialised adhesives and tapes can solve and simplify traditionally challenging issues, including bonding dissimilar materials and attaching to hard-to-bond surfaces. From plastics to metals, and composites to foam, 3M knows how to make advanced bonding applications easier, with unique adhesive and tape solutions.

Low Surface Energy

Why are Low Surface Energy (LSE) substrates hard to bond?

At 3M, our engineers understand the science behind adhesion to low-surface energy substrates, and have documented their findings in this free whitepaper.


LSE Bonding
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LSE Bonding: See how 3M Adhesives hold up in white water rapids

A small section was cut away on a polyethylene kayak, making a space for a camera. A transparent polycarbonate window was bonded to the kayak using 3M Scotch-Weld™ Structural Plastic Adhesive. The camera was sealed inside, and filmed the underwater action.

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