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Can I apply the graphic myself?

  • Yes, if you think you have the experience and skills. It is better not to however if you are unsure. The larger the graphic is and the more surface contours and edges that are involved, the more skills that are needed. Even for smaller graphics, you need to be clear on how to prepare the surface and handle the film in order to get the best results and for the film to last as long as it should. 

    3M offer a great range of special adhesive features that make applying films so much easier:


    • Films featuring 3M™Controltac™ Adhesive Technology let you 'hover' the graphic over the surface you wish to apply to and only effect full adhesion once you apply pressure to the surface. This slideability means that you can line up the graphic perfectly before committing to the location.  
    • Films with 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology feature tiny air release channels in their adhesive. Trapped air under the film that occur during application and would usually result in frustrating bubbles in the film, can easily be pushed out of the film for wrinkle and bubble-free application, avoiding the need to cut the bubble to release the air. 

    Discuss the application of your graphic with your trusted 3M Select Partner to decide whether self-application is a reasonable option.

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