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Inclusion at 3M

Here, you can help to create a better world. We apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. We are a curious and creative group of people whose ideas transform the future.

3M has offices in more than 70 countries and has 91,500 employees worldwide. The UK and Ireland is home to one of the largest 3M subsidiaries outside the USA, employing 2,600 people across 20 locations, including eight manufacturing sites. We create an inclusive environment where our people feel safe, respected and valued, and free to create and innovate.

3M believes diversity is essential to innovation. We seek and value differences in people – in thinking, experience, ethnicity, age, gender, faith, personalities and styles. The different skills, experiences and abilities of our people are what drive our company forward.

Diversity is the difference and inclusion is leveraging those differences.
  • People

    We seek and value differences in people – in thinking, experience, ethnicity, age, gender, faith, personalities and styles. The different cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, insights, and physical and mental abilities of our people power our creativity and ideas. The different skills, experiences and abilities of our people are what drive our company forward and keep us relevant and reflective of our customers and markets.

  • Culture

    We strive for an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, engaged and free to create and innovate. Inclusivity is woven into our Leadership Behaviors. Our “I’m in” campaign, launched in 50 countries, is designed to strengthen and build upon our culture of inclusivity. We want everyone at 3M to feel valued and free to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

  • Community

    Engaging in our communities beyond 3M is an important aspect of what we do. Being involved in the communities where we work and live helps us give to others and learn from others, and fuels our passion to improve every life. By embracing diversity in these opportunities, we’re also building 3M’s visibility as a great place for all types of people to work.

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Recruiting diverse talent

To help ensure our workforce is representative of our communities and customers, we:

  • Form strategic partnerships with many professional associations, colleges and universities to help identify diverse candidates
  • Participate in a wide range of campus recruiting activities
  • Commit to building a strong pipeline of talent by investing in tomorrow’s workforce

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Education and Development

  • Student Reading iPad

    Support empowerment and enrichment to provide people everywhere the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

    • Goal: Invest cash and products for education, community and environmental programs. We will continue to invest in increasing access for people worldwide to science, technology, engineering, math and business skills, and to improving lives through investments in environment, health and safety programs. Cash, in-kind donations, sponsorships, and volunteerism will remain core to our 3Mgives strategy. Since 1953, we have invested $1.4 billion in cash and product donations in 3M communities.
    • Goal: 100% participation in employee development programs to advance individual and organizational capabilities. Our employees are encouraged and supported to pursue areas of interest and develop career paths and opportunities aligned with those interests.
    • Goal: Double the pipeline of diverse talent in management to build a diverse workforce. Increasing diversity globally is a core part of our Sustainability strategy. We recognize that doubling our diverse talent in management will help build a diverse pipeline for executive leadership.

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  • 3M Gives Volunteers

    Read more about volunteering here

    For more than 50 years, 3M’s commitment to volunteering has been one of our greatest contributions to the communities where we live and work. 3Mers are encouraged to share their many talents and skills to strengthen their communities by volunteering. Our volunteer work enriches schools, makes communities more vibrant and helps children from diverse neighborhoods achieve greater academic success.


3M actively supports career enrichment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. We have a long history of providing financial, in-kind and volunteer support to diversity-targeted institutions and nonprofit organizations. Including:

Committing to Diverse Suppliers

  • Suppliers in Safety Vests

    3M proactively identifies and works with small, minority-owned and woman-owned businesses.

    Diverse suppliers:

    • Reenergize our business. Diversity in our supplier base helps keep 3M open to innovation ideas and new ways of doing business, including offering unique strategies for reaching diverse markets.
    • They not only help us market more effectively to diverse consumers - they are our customers.
    • Help the bottom line. Minority-owned and woman-owned businesses often are smaller and more cost-efficient due to lower operating costs. They also tend to be nimble, which allows them to quickly respond to business needs.

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