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3M Sterilization and Monitoring Record Keeping

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  • Record Keeping

    The final step in a complete and successful sterilisation monitoring system is record keeping. Systematic record-keeping provides documentation that items have been processed, along with evidence of your monitoring results. 3M™ Record Keeping products provide a permanent record to help you meet your requirements.

  • Record Keeping Options

    Choose the record-keeping options you need for steam, ethylene oxide, and other low temperature sterilisation processes, plus glutaraldehyde indicators, printing label applicators, and more.

  • Label Loading, Step-by-Step

    With two full lines of printed information, the 3M™ Comply™ Printing Label Applicator 1256B can easily print and apply labels to packages, indicating the processing date, steriliser number, load number, department, and expiration date. This quick reference visual guide shows step-by-step instructions for loading labels in the Comply printing label applicator 1256B.

    Download the label loading instruction guide (PDF, 566.67 KB).

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