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Effective tools for tough tasks

Effective tools for tough tasks

Designed to tackle the toughest commercial kitchen cleaning tasks – they’re quick, safe and easy- to-use.

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Griddle & Appliance Cleaning

  • 3M's appliance and griddle cleaning systems replace scrapers, grill stones and bricks that disintegrate.

    Designed to take on difficult cleaning jobs efficiently and bring cooled or hot grills to a high luster, griddle cleaning screens, pads, and cleaners remove baked-on food and grease while protecting employees from burns.

    Griddles need aggressive cleaning to ensure optimum performance, and 3M offers a comprehensive range of solutions for griddle and appliance cleaning. No matter how big or small the job, we have the product for you.

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  • Griddle Cleaning Kits

    Cleaning up hot, greasy griddles and other kitchen surfaces can be a tedious, messy and dangerous job. Keep your kitchen looking spotless – in less time, and with less elbow grease – with innovative Scotch-Brite™ cleaning kits from 3M.

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  • Pads & Holders

    Cleaning griddles, grills and other kitchen appliances are demanding jobs that are regularly undertaken. Some parts of the cleaning kits, such as pads, will eventually wear down. Replacement parts are available to extend the life of your griddle cleaning kit.

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  • Screens & Bricks

    Designed for heavy duty cleaning and removal of carbonized grease and food build-up on flat top griddles. Built-in, heat-resistant handle helps protect hands from burns, grease and grime.

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