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For a no-fuss approach applied to floor cleaning

For a no-fuss approach applied to floor cleaning

Essential floor cleaning equipment that tackles tricky tasks simply and effectively.

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Floor Cleaning Tools

  • Keep your floors looking fresh, clean and welcoming – in less time, and without backbreaking labour! Professional-grade floor cleaning and maintenance tools from 3M help simplify the toughest chores on all kinds of surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas like corners and skirting boards.

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  • Easy Trap Duster Sheets

    3M™ Easy Trap Duster system traps and holds eight times more dust, dirt, sand and hair than traditional mops and other disposable systems. This helps you to increase productivity and reduce labour costs, without compromising cleaning standards.

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  • Sweepers

    If you need to remove dirt and debris quickly and quietly from busy, noise sensitive areas, 3M Floor Sweepers are the ideal solution. Quietly efficient on hard floors and carpets, they’re easy to use, easy to maintain and reduce the need for brooms and vacuum cleaners.

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  • Cleaning & Stripping

    A versatile way to make cleaning tasks easier, more effective and less costly. A full range of pads are available for effectively carrying out stripping, scrubbing, light-duty cleaning, and polishing tasks.

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  • Utility Pads

    Getting into places where machines typically struggle is a real challenge, such as corners, edges, skirting boards and other hard-to-reach areas. Utility pads tackle these tasks simply, quickly and effectively.

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