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Advanced Sanding Solutions

A smooth start for a flawless finish.

  • Pros know that every great paint job begins with a smooth, even surface. Get it done right from start to finish with 3M advanced abrasives for perfect preparation. Our abrasive solutions help make your sanding job faster and easier, with greater comfort and less rework. So you can set yourself up for success before you open a single can of paint.

  • Hole Repair
    Cubitron™ II

    3M™ Pro-Grade Precision™ faster sanding sheets with technology found in Cubritron™ II industrial abrasives. You can sand with less effort, and less hand fatigue. With premiumium mineral technology and clog resistant coating our sheets have a long life and can be used wet or dry. Sand by hand, on a large sanding tool, on a sanding block, or cut to size for use on a power tool sander.

  • Advanced Abrasives

    3M™ Advanced Abrasives with NO-SLIP GRIP™ Backing provides longer sheet life than conventional sandpaper. It also reduces rolling of the sheet and helps reduce hand fatigue allowing you to sand with your whole hand.

  • Lead Detection
    3M™ Dust Channelling Sponges

    Sanding just got easier. The unique honeycomb pattern on one side creates an interrupted surface that allows dust to move away from the surface of your project for faster sanding and to prevent accidental particle scratches. Ideal for detail and contour sanding.

  • Adhesives
    3M™ Sanding Screen

    Die-cut to fit most drywall sanding tools and made with sharp silicon carbide mineral for long-lasting performance. Designed for sanding drywall joints, patching compounds and plaster, and featuring an open mesh cloth backing to reduce loading and allow both sides to be used.

Advanced Sanding Solutions

Advanced Sanding Solutions

Surface Repair Products

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