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Respiratory Protection

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Make Powered Air selection a breeze

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  • Selecting and specifying the appropriate respiratory protective equipment may appear daunting with so many factors to consider. With our 4 step method it's easy to choose the correct level of protection and comfort.

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  • 3M have designed dedicated software to help make the selection of 3M Respirators easier and to help estimate the service life of 3M Gas and Vapour filters

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  • Do you have workers who wear tight fitting respirators (those that rely on a seal with the face) such as Disposable, Half Mask or Full Face Masks (including those fitted to a powered respirator)? If so, you are required to fit test them.

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Respiratory Protection from 3M

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must be both adequate and suitable for the work to be undertaken. Different types of RPE offer different levels of protection. To be classed as adequate, the levels of protection selected must be capable of reducing exposure to hazardous substances to an acceptable level. The RPE must also be suitable for both the wearers and the situation , e.g. it must fit the wearer, be comfortable to wear, be robust enough for the environment in which it will be used and be compatible with other PPE.

There are disposable and reusable types of RPE. The broad range of RPE available from 3M offers you the chance to choose the level of protection, comfort, style and maintenance options you need to work effectively and safely.