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    Microfibre cleaning – efficient, fast and reliable parts cleaning in automotive production

    • Before adhesion, surfaces must be dry, free from dust and grease. Keep industrial parts cleaning simple, with 3M™ Scotch-Brite high-performance cloths that create a clean and fully prepped surface.

    High performance in roll form

    • For safe and simple cleaning, you can incorporate these cloths into the application process seamlessly. The cloth is available in different widths and variable lengths, also cross-wound, and in roll form. With a winding and unwinding process, a clean cloth is constantly available, making the cleaning process safe and reliable. Thanks to clearly defined process parameters such as area, pressure, feed and speed, constant cleaning quality is guaranteed – precise and replicable results that make your entire process significantly more efficient.

    Removing impurities without residue

    • Removing impurities without residue

      A special feature of the high-performance cloth 2011 is the patented combination of water and grease-absorbing microfibers. This combination of polyester and nylon ensures residue-free absorption of impurities, even on sensitive surfaces such as glass or varnish. In this way, dirt particles are removed from the surface, like with a shovel, and taken away from the inside of the cloth – without leaving micro-scratches, streaks or fluff. In this way, full-surface wetting of the adhesive tape is guaranteed in subsequent bonding. Also, this cleaning cloth can be used both damp and dry.

    3M high-performance cloths provide clean benefits:

    • 3M high-performance cloths provide clean benefits:
      • Integrating industrial parts cleaning efficiently and reliably into the entire process
      • Cleaning sensitive surfaces in a careful, fast and effective manner with the patented fibre combination of polyester and nylon
      • Removing various impurities in the micrometre range on automotive components
      • Laying the foundations for reliable, full-surface bonding
      • Reducing production costs with minimal waste

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