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    Mounted smoothly and safely - 3M™ Interam™ Mounting Mats for fragile ceramic monoliths

    • 3M™ Interam™ Mounting Mats protect fragile components in the vehicle’s exhaust system for its entire working life. Safely functioning catalytic converters are an important contributing factor when reducing emissions in vehicles. The mounting mats are highly durable, extremely reliable, and are available in various versions for different requirements.

    Safe protection under challenging conditions

    • Interam™ mounting mats make the ideal catalytic converter protection. They can withstand temperature fluctuations up to over 1,000 °C, counterbalance the enormous differences in expansion of metal and ceramic, and protect monoliths from blows and vibrations for the vehicle’s entire working life.

    Expanding mounting mats and fibre mats

    • A monolith is encapsulated in the laboratory

      3M’s product range includes expanding mounting and fibre mats for use in vehicle catalytic converters, diesel filters and SCR systems. Expanding mats widen when the temperature increases to hold the monolith permanently in position. Fibre mats have a high holding force due to the elasticity of the fibres used. These mats are suited to passenger cars as well as small vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and stationary engines.

    3M Interam™ mounting mats benefits:

    • Two employees insert a monolith with a mat mount in a catalyst


      • Reliable protection of the ceramic monolith for the entire working life of the vehicle
      • High endurance
      • Flexible use in the exhaust system
      • Adaptability to customer-specific requirements
      • Suitable for various engine applications

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