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  • Innovative architectural finishes for transforming interiors
  • Remodel existing interiors without needing to remove fixtures and fittings
  • Fine Wood family features finishes with an authentic fine wood look and texture
  • Realistic designs and textures closely resemble natural materials
Product Colour
Wood Tone
Design Pattern
Wood Type
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Application Method
Ceilings, Facades, Furniture, Lobbies and elevators, Partitions, Walls
Flammability & IMO standards
Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with 3M™ Comply™ Technology
Design Pattern
Fine Wood
Abrasion Resistant, Exterior, Fine Wood, Standard
Exterior, Interior
Material Type
Overall Length (Metric)
25 m, 50 m
Overall Width (Metric)
1.22 m, 1219 mm, 1220 mm
Pattern Scale
Large, Medium
Performance Level
Product Code
FW-1020, FW-1021, FW-1022, FW-1022AR, FW-1022EX, FW-1023, FW-1023EX, FW-1036, FW-1037, FW-1039H, FW-1040H, FW-1113, FW-1113EX, FW-1121H, FW-1121HAR, FW-1122, FW-1122AR, FW-1122EX, FW-1123, FW-1123EX, FW-1124, FW-1124EX, FW-1125, FW-1126, FW-1127, FW-1129, FW-1129AR, FW-1129EX, FW-1130H, FW-1130HAR, FW-1133, FW-1134, FW-1135, FW-1136H, FW-1137, FW-1138, FW-1138AR, FW-1139H, FW-1207, FW-1208, FW-1209, FW-1210, FW-1211, FW-1212, FW-1213, FW-1214, FW-1214EX, FW-1216, FW-1217, FW-1218, FW-1255, FW-1256, FW-1257, FW-1258, FW-1259, FW-1261, FW-1262, FW-1265, FW-1266, FW-1268, FW-1269, FW-1270, FW-1271, FW-1272, FW-1274, FW-1275, FW-1276, FW-1277, FW-1278, FW-1279, FW-1280, FW-1280AR, FW-1281, FW-1282, FW-1283, FW-1285, FW-1287, FW-1288, FW-1289, FW-1290, FW-1291, FW-1292, FW-1293, FW-1293AR, FW-1294, FW-1294AR, FW-1296, FW-1297, FW-1300, FW-1301, FW-1302, FW-1304, FW-1306, FW-1307, FW-1331, FW-1681, FW-1682, FW-1683, FW-1734H, FW-1735H, FW-1736H, FW-1737, FW-1738, FW-1740, FW-1743, FW-1744, FW-1745, FW-1746, FW-1747, FW-1748, FW-1749, FW-1750, FW-1751, FW-1751AR, FW-1752H, FW-1753H, FW-1754, FW-1755, FW-1756, FW-1757, FW-1758, FW-1759, FW-1760, FW-1761, FW-1762, FW-1763, FW-1764, FW-1765, FW-1766, FW-1767, FW-1768, FW-1769, FW-1770, FW-1771H, FW-1801, FW-1801EX, FW-1805, FW-1805EX, FW-1810, FW-1811, FW-1970, FW-1971, FW-1972, FW-1974, FW-1975, FW-1976, FW-1977, FW-1978, FW-1979, FW-1980, FW-1981, FW-1982, FW-1983, FW-1984, FW-1985, FW-1986, FW-1987, FW-1988, FW-232, FW-233AR, FW-234, FW-236, FW-236AR, FW-236EX, FW-237, FW-240, FW-324, FW-324EX, FW-327, FW-330, FW-330EX, FW-332, FW-334, FW-336, FW-337, FW-337AR, FW-338, FW-338AR, FW-501, FW-502, FW-510, FW-521, FW-522, FW-522EX, FW-606H, FW-607H, FW-608H, FW-609H, FW-609HEX, FW-613, FW-614, FW-616, FW-618, FW-619, FW-625, FW-625AR, FW-627, FW-627AR, FW-627EX, FW-640, FW-640EX, FW-641, FW-643, FW-643EX, FW-648, FW-649, FW-650, FW-650EX, FW-651, FW-651EX, FW-653, FW-655, FW-656, FW-7001, FW-7006, FW-7006EX, FW-7007, FW-7008, FW-7008EX, FW-7009, FW-7011, FW-7011AR, FW-7011EX, FW-7013, FW-7014, FW-7015, FW-7016, FW-7017, FW-7017AR, FW-788, FW-789, FW-791, FW-795, FW-887, FW-887EX, FW-888, FW-889
Product Colour
Black & Grey, White, Neutral & Brown
Removal Method
Removable with a heat gun at 80°C – 100°C.
Repeat Pattern Height
1000 mm, 1085 mm, 1280 mm, 1284 mm, 1285 mm, 1290 mm, 640 mm, 790 mm, 810 mm, 830 mm, 960 mm, 970 mm, 980 mm, 990 mm
Repeat Pattern Width
1015 mm, 1220 mm, 200 mm, 235 mm, 240 mm, 295 mm, 300 mm, 310 mm, 315 mm, 335 mm, 350 mm, 355 mm, 360 mm, 375 mm, 385 mm, 395 mm, 400 mm, 410 mm, 425 mm, 455 mm, 460 mm, 470 mm, 485 mm, 500 mm, 515 mm, 525 mm, 530 mm, 550 mm, 560 mm, 570 mm, 575 mm, 580 mm, 590 mm, 600 mm, 605 mm, 610 mm, 615 mm, 635 mm, 640 mm, 645 mm, 650 mm, 660 mm, 670 mm, 680 mm, 685 mm, 710 mm, 740 mm, 750 mm, 780 mm, 885 mm, 915 mm, 935 mm, 940 mm, 975 mm
1.22 m x 25 m, 1.22 m x 50 m
Surface Finish
Abrasion Resistant
Surface Type
3 Dimensional, Flat
Wood Species
Anigre, Ash, Beech, Birch, Bubinga, Camphor, Cherry, Chestnut, Design Wood, Diospyros, Ebony, Elm, Hickory, Hinoki, Ipe, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Magnolia, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Olive, Padauk, Parudao, Paulownia, Pine/Larch, Plum, Rosewood, Slimline, Sucupira, Sugi/Cedar, Teak, Tineo, Walnut, Wenge, Zebra Wood
Wood Tone
Dark Wood, Light Wood, Medium Wood, Rustic Wood
Wood Type
Beech, Chesnut, Ebony, Japanese Umbrella Tree, Mahogany, Oak, Persimmon, Pine/Larch, Rosewood, Teak, Walnut, Wenge, Zebra Wood
Product Details
  • Innovative architectural finishes for transforming interiors
  • Remodel existing interiors without needing to remove fixtures and fittings
  • Fine Wood family features finishes with an authentic fine wood look and texture
  • Realistic designs and textures closely resemble natural materials
  • 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology ensures quick and easy installation
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds powerfully to a range of substrates
  • Easy to maintain and can be quickly patch-repaired if scuffed or damaged

3M™ DI-NOC™ Fine Wood Architectural Finishes are adhesive decorative finishes designed to look and feel just like natural materials. These premium finishes provide almost unlimited creative freedom and can be installed in situ for cost-effective refurbishment. With 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology installation is quick and easy on a range of substrates and is easy to maintain and patch-repair if scuffed or damaged.

Get greater creative freedom for interior architectural applications with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Fine Wood Architectural Finishes. The Fine Wood family features finishes with an authentic fine wood look and texture. These innovative finishes are designed to look and feel like natural materials, delivering the look you want, at the price you need. They're suitable for installation on a range of surfaces including walls, fixtures, fittings and furniture with a flexible installation process that makes it possible to renovate in situ without needing to tear out old fixtures or fittings. This means that clients can stay open for longer during renovation periods, avoiding disruption or loss of income. These finishes feature 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology which virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding up the application process. The pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds powerfully to a range of substrates, giving clients and installers greater design freedom. They’re easy to clean and maintain and can be quickly patch-repaired if scuffed or damaged.

Suggested Applications

  • Renovation of interiors, such as doors, walls, lifts, escalators, columns, handrails, desks & counters, work surfaces, automatic distributors, cash points, bar tables and chairs, restaurants, company canteens and hotel lobbies
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