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3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PVDF 31508/0009

3M Product Number 31508/00093M ID B40070291
    • Copolymer of VF2 and CTFE
    • Ultra-flexible
    • Very low shrinkage rates
    • Wide operating temperature window
    Product Details

    Copolymer PVDF that has a very low brittleness temperature, for excellent low temperature performance

    3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PVDF 31508/0009 is a copolymer of vinylidene difluoride (VDF) and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). It provides superior flexibility compared to other PVDF, including our 11000 series copolymers. Dyneon fluoroplastic PVDF 31508/0009 provides excellent flame resistance, making it suitable as a component in plenum data communication cable applications such as plenum cable jackets and other plenum cable components. This higher melt flow PVDF copolymer is especially suited for extrusion and injection molding processes.

    PVDF Copolymer Uses
    Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is ideal for multiple applications across a wide array of industries. Widely used in the wire and cable, chemical process, semiconductor, and oil and gas industries. PVDF is also being used in automotive, building, and electronics applications.

    Over 50 years of Innovation Research and Customer Support
    For more than 50 years, we have been able to supply unique solutions to meet the increasing market challenges in developing and producing designated state-of-the-art 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic products at the highest quality level.

    This goes hand-in-hand with our unparalleled commitment to research and customer support. Like all of our products, 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PVDF 31508/0009 is backed by skilled researchers at several 3M tech service laboratories. Collectively, our products benefit from decades of research and development, improving upon PVDF. Toward that end, we are in regular communication with customers who deliver feedback, allowing us to improve existing products and deliver custom solutions. All of this is part of an unrelenting drive to deliver top products to you.

    Recommended PVDF Copolymer Applications

    • Plenum data communication cable applications
    • Cable jacket
    • Loose tube
    • Cable routing assemblies

    • Copolymer of VF2 and CTFE
    • Ultra-flexible
    • Very low shrinkage rates
    • Wide operating temperature window
    • Processable using a variety of thermoplastic conversion techniques
    • Excellent low flame and low smoke performance
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