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3M™ Glass Bubbles A16/500

3M Product Number A16/500
  • Lower viscosity, improved flow
  • Increased filler loading, reduced cost
  • VOC reduction
  • Chemical stability and inertness
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3M™ Glass Bubbles A16/500 have a density of 0.16 g/cm3 and an isostatic crush strength of 500 psi / 34 bar. They have less than 1% sinkers ( >1.0 g/cm3 density particles) by volume and are surface treated to be compatible with buoyancy module manufacturing. Like other 3M™ Glass Bubbles in our floated product series, this product is ideal for use in a number of aerospace and oil and gas applications.

A Great Product Rises to the Top 3M™ Glass Bubbles A16/500 is part of the floated product series and has less than 1% sinkers by volume. This means that we get 99% floaters by volume using a universally held process to assure that you get perfectly formed not defective ones. Here’s how it works: we put a population of bubbles of a given specification into water and take only the ones that float to the top. This is the oldest, simplest and perhaps most reliable method to ensure bubbles are whole and intact, while improving the strength-to-density ratio. In short – we take only the cream of the crop and give you bubbles that are less dense at the same nominal strength. 3M™ Glass Bubbles Floated Series 3M glass bubbles in our floated series offer the same combination of strength and light weight as standard 3M glass bubbles, with an added surface treatment. A16/500 glass bubbles have methacrylato chromic chloride surface treatment. This special coupling agent expands this product’s uses. It can be used in high-tech applications such as aerospace and hydrospace syntactic foam and radomes. Glass bubbles in the floated series are available in a variety of sizes and grades for various product and processing requirements. Strength-to-Weight Ratio The benefits don’t end there; although 3M glass bubbles A16/500 have thin walls, they have good isostatic crush strength of 500 psi / 34 bars, meaning they can survive both the rigorous demands of processing and water pressure at depth. At 500 psi / 34 bar, A16/500 bubbles have a targeted fractional survival rate of 80% for consistent performance and greater survivability. The unique spherical shape of these bubbles offers a number of important benefits, including: higher filler loading, lower viscosity/improved flow and reduced shrinkage and warpage. Adding to this product’s versatility is its ability to be easily blended into compounds, making it adaptable to a variety of production processes including spraying, casting and molding

  • Lower viscosity, improved flow
  • Increased filler loading, reduced cost
  • VOC reduction
  • Chemical stability and inertness
  • Reduced dielectric constant
  • Thermal conductivity reduction
  • Temperature resistance
Chemical Resistance, Lightweighting, Temperature Resistance
Color (unaided eye)
White, powdery
Soda-lime-borosilicate glass
Density (g/cc)
Density Range (g/cm3)
0.10 - 0.19
Paints and Coatings, Rubber and Plastic, Transportation
Particle Size (D50 Micron)
Particle Size Range (D50 Micron)
60 - 69, 60 - 69, 60 - 69
Hollow spheres with thin walls
Sizes Available
Small Box (50 lb, 22.6 kg)
Strength (MPa)
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