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3M™ Glass Bubbles S28HS

3M Product Number S28HS3M ID 7100130446
  • Temperature resistance
Product Details

3M™ Glass Bubbles S28HS have a density of 0.28 g/cm3 and an isostatic crush strength of 3000 psi / 206 bar.

3M™ Glass Bubbles S28HS are high strength additives for polymers made from a water resistant and chemically stable soda-lime borosilicate glass.The S28HS glass bubbles can withstand the high processing pressure of polymers extrusion and the pressure of seawater in many applications; they offer very good strenght-to-density ratio, making them suitable for a variety of applications: oil and gas, coatings, adhsesives, mastics, sealants, thermoset resin systems

  • Temperature resistance
Color (unaided eye)
White, powdery
Soda-lime-borosilicate glass
Density (g/cc)
Density Range (g/cm3)
0.20 - 0.29
Particle Size (D50 Micron)
Particle Size Range (D50 Micron)
30 - 39, 30 - 39
Hollow spheres with thin walls
Strength (MPa)
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