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  • 3M Scotch® DIY & Repair Tapes for Consumer

    Scotch® DIY Tapes
    Scotch® DIY Tapes. A tape for every task.

    Our industrial-strength tapes couldn't be easier or more convenient to use - with tape this powerful, you can leave your tools in the toolbox. A range designed to tackle a wide variety of everyday challenges. Fixing, repairing and reinforcing, packing and more - the result? DIY projects that are built to last.

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    Scotch® DIY and Repair Tapes – A Tape for Every Task

    • Closing box with Scotch® packaging tape

      Our range of Scotch® specialty tapes are designed to solve specific and tricky problems in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

      Don’t throw out your damaged items, fix them with our repair tapes. From car headlights to stunt kites, glass doors to lampshades, we have tapes for nearly every job and surface. These tapes are barely visible, and your items will perform as well as ever. You can trust our repairing and reinforcing tapes’ strong adhesive properties and tear resistance to stand the test of time – extending the life of your possessions and saving you time and money.

      Scotch® packaging tapes are strong, secure and easy to use. You can trust them to ensure that your parcels arrive in one piece and your boxes stay sealed up tight.

      Did you know that aircraft engineers sometimes use tape to attach parts to planes? The key is VHB™ technology – the same technology you’ll find in Scotch® mounting tapes. If you need to hang a mirror or a mailbox without nails, screws or tools, you’ll want the most secure tape available – and that’s what 3M delivers. If it can hold a jet together, it can definitely handle your household items!