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    Commercial Cleaning Products

    Product Categories

    • Floor Pads

      High performance floor pads that cut costs, without compromising shine.

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    • Floor Finishes, Coatings and Films

      Essential floor cleaning equipment that tackles tricky tasks simply and effectively.

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    • Floor Cleaning Tools

      Keep your floors looking fresh, clean and welcoming – in less time, and with less back breaking labour

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    • Cleaning Sponges, Scourers & Wipes

      From heavy-duty kitchen scouring needs, to cleaning delicate bathroom surfaces, our range is designed to be highly effective, efficient and durable.

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    • Cleaning Chemicals

      No matter how tough the task, our cleaning chemicals are designed to clean more effectively and efficiently.

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    • Griddle Cleaning

      Designed to take on difficult cleaning jobs efficiently and bring cooled or hot grills to a high luster, we offer a range of griddle cleaning screens, pads, and cleaners to remove baked-on food and grease while protecting employees from burns.

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    • Entrance Mats

      With smooth, wet or dirty floors, accidents can happen. Our range of entrance mats are highly effective in removing and trapping moisture and dirt ensuring a safer and cleaner premises.

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