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3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products

Applied to producing precision water.

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  • 3M ScaleGard™ Blend Series Water Filtration Products

    3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products for coffee, espresso, vending, tea brewers and cold water applications.

    Announcing an exciting breakthrough in water filtration technology for the food service industry! An innovative, powerful system that combines chloramine reduction water filtration systems with the ability to monitor filter capacity and control water quality at your fingertips.

    Easy-to-operate, adjustable dial for precision blending.

    Custom water quality you control: the operator simply dials the desired level of water hardness minerals for Recipe Quality Water™. The system even remembers previous blend settings when replacing cartridges. Available with an optional filtration monitor that allows the operator to track the life cycle and status of the cartridge.

    Just the right total dissolved solids for Recipe Quality Water

    • Premium Carbon Block Technology, reducing chlorine and chloramines, for great tasting water.
    • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge for fast and easy change-outs.
    • High-capacity buffered ion exchange resin reduces Calcium and Magnesium ions that can cause hard scale build-up on equipment.
    • Built-in corrosion protection incorporates a buffered resin to minimize shift in pH that could otherwise contribute to corrosion.

    3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products’ quadruple-action filtration provides protection against:

    • Hard scale
    • Corrosion
    • Chlorine taste and odor
    • Chloramines

    3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products reduces chlorine taste and odour, as well as chloramines that can react with metal, plastic and rubber materials which may cause equipment damage. High-capacity scale reduction also helps provide superior equipment protection from hard scale and corrosion.

  • Chloramines: Why take them out of the water?

    A major disadvantage of chloramines is taste and odour. This problem affects both hot and cold beverages: coffee and espresso may taste sour; carbonated drinks, especially diet beverages, may become bitter and flat. Consumers notice the difference, and it can affect repeat business and healthier profits.

    While simple carbon filters reduce chlorine, such water filtration systems do not reduce chloramines. 3M, however, offers the ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products that remove both chlorine and chloramines from water, enabling you to achieve quality food and beverages, every time.


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