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3M Scotch® & ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes for Consumer

  • Scotch® & ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes
  • 3M Scotch® & ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes for Consumer

    ScotchBlue™ Masking Tape
    ScotchBlue™ Masking Tape. Do Yourself Proud.

    The right prep makes all the difference in achieving professional-looking decorating results. That's why we've developed quality masking tape products to empower you to reveal a better paint job. Whether your vision is a fresh new colour, or an intricate feature wall, with the best defense against drips, spatters and accidential brush strokes, ScotchBlue™ Painter's Masking Tapes were designed to protect different types of surfaces, while delivering excellent paint lines.

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    ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes – The Perfect Paint Job

    • ScotchBlue™ Masking Tape and paint tray with roller

      Scotch® and ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes give you the opportunity to achieve a high quality, decorator’s finish to your project – without having to call in the professionals! Traditional masking tape products can leave messy edges and sticky, torn pieces of tape to ruin the effect of your hard work.

      Our iconic ScotchBlue™ Brand has been the trusted choice of DIYers and pros alike for over 25 years. Our latest ScotchBlue™ Masking Tapes feature a 3M proprietary technology called Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector, which repels paint away from the edge of the tape to give you super sharp lines with no bleed-through or seepage underneath – perfect for creating design features, accent walls and stripes.

      Perfect for everyone from DIY painters to commercial and residential professionals. Browse our product pages to find the best masking tape or film for your surface and painting task.

      Get the edge you deserve with ScotchBlue™ Painter's Masking Tapes – and reveal amazing results first time.