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3M Exposure Monitoring

Sustainable Solutions for Exposure Monitoring


  • Exposure Monitoring

    See at a glance whether packs have been exposed to the sterilisation process with our easy-to-read exposure monitoring products. Our exposure monitoring indicator tapes and labels provide clear evidence that packs have been processed. These process indicators undergo a colour change when exposed to sterilant.

    For best results, always place a Type 1 Process Indicator on the outside of every pack,  wrapped tray, container, or peel pouch, unless the internal chemical indicator is readily visible.

  • A Sustainable Solution

    3M™ Comply™ Indicator Tapes for steam now feature redesigned packaging that uses up to 30% less plastic. Made using a sustainable, solvent-free manufacturing process, 3M Indicator Tapes are made without natural rubber latex and are lead-free.

    By eliminating the need for special hazardous waste disposal, you can simplify your operations, avoid the risk of penalties for non-compliance, and enhance your reputation for good environmental practices.

  • 3M Pressure-sensitive Scotch Filament Tape

    3M scientists invented pressure-sensitive tapes more than 80 years ago. This 1955 advert shows that 3M sold over 300 different pressure-sensitive tapes at that time!

    We’ve put that history of adhesive know-how to work to create chemical indicator tapes with reliable adhesion and colour-change chemical indicator stripes that indicate exposure to steam sterilisation, ethylene oxide sterilisation, or hydrogen peroxide sterilisation processes.

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