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Speedglas Welding Protection

Speedglas Welding Protection

Continually inspired by welders.

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  • Welding Helmets

    We have a wide range of welding helmets offering many options, including flip-up welding shields, safety helmets.

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  • Welding Systems

    Powered and supplied air respiratory systems for welders, incorporating Speedglas welding helmets.

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  • Accessories & spare parts

    For maximum safety and comfort, make it a regular habit to check your equipment. You also have a variety of accessories available to maximize your protection and comfort.

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  • Three decades at the cutting edge

    Three decades at the cutting edge

    Speedglas veteran Stefan Henriksson is continuously on the lookout for new solutions that improve welder safety. When he started working with the innovator of Speedglas auto-darkening technology in 1982, he was the company’s fifth employee.

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  • Master of optics

    Master of optics

    A Senior Optics Specialist with 3M, Kristina Magnusson found her calling when she was still at school. “I wasn’t really interested in school,” she says. “But when I started studying light rays and lenses I found that this was an area that I easily understood compared to others in my class.”

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  • Guided by welders

    Guided by welders

    We apply our own brand of problem-solving and we have regularly received awards for our contributions to ergonomic design and functions. Real-world validation of design concepts and international field trials of prototypes are used to verify our products before they are released.

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