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3M Non-Mechanical Fasteners
Holds Tight, Removes Easily

For removable parts that need a strong attachment and easy separation, 3M offers non-mechanical fasteners that are easy to use, dependable and convenient.


Fasteners For Endless Uses

  • When you need a fastener made for repeated openings and closings, 3M non-mechanical Fasteners are the ideal solution. They're lightweight and flexible enough for everyday use, yet deliver a durable attachment that only comes apart when you need it to. Our fasteners also offer superior aesthetics, weight reduction and time savings during installation versus traditional mechanical fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts.

Product Categories

  • 3M™ Dual LockTM reclosable fasteners

    Five times stronger than conventional hook and loop, 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners offer easy separation and the virtually invisible aesthetic of a hidden fastener. Because they snap and lock into place, you also get the security, ease and convenience commonly associated with metal fasteners.

  • 3M hook and loop fasteners

    This fastener is durable enough for thousands of easy openings and secure closings. With durable hooks on one side and pliable loops on the other, it provides tight closure and easy peel-away, making it ideal for everyday uses like signs and displays. This product line is available in a variety of colours and can attach to a variety of substrates.

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