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From breathable filters and skin protection to sterilisation indicators, 3M solutions can help you have confidence in the equipment that keeps your team and patients safe.


3M is responding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 outbreak by providing supplies where they are needed the most. Around the world, we are working with healthcare authorities and local governments to help provide critical products. 3M has doubled production at our global manufacturing facilities including in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Latin America.

To help ensure product availability to our customers through their regular purchasing channels, 3M has implemented additional controls on our order fulfilment system for the respirators and other PPE that are in highest demand. We remain committed to balanced distribution of 3M products that both supports the public health and governmental response to the Coronavirus and ensures product availability to our existing industrial and healthcare customers whose operations rely on our products.

We recognise your urgent need for PPE products and are working hard to ensure availability as soon as possible.

Put confidence in your hands.

More than ever, patients and dental professionals have a heightened awareness of the dangers posed by bacteria, viruses and harmful contaminants. For many years, 3M has helped healthcare providers around the world protect against infection. Now, we’re here to help your practice get back to work with tools to prevent cross-contamination – and most importantly, to help give your patients and staff peace of mind.

As you navigate the recovery, 3M stands with your team – not just as a provider of trusted PPE and infection prevention solutions, but also as an educational resource committed to lifelong oral health for all. Read on to learn more about our product offerings, frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and dental PPE, and other ways you can prevent contamination throughout your practice.

Your patients are in good hands – yours. Trust our science to deliver solutions that help keep them safe: Proprietary filter media designed for ease of breathing. Proactive skin care to help minimise the potential damage caused by the extended use of PPE. At-a-glance indicator of steriliser performance. This is the science of infection prevention.

Infection Prevention Solutions for Dental Professionals

Dental instruments, hands, common surfaces… you know how vital it is to stop microorganisms from spreading at every touchpoint throughout your practice. Personal protective equipment and sterilisation all help prevent cross-contamination – and help reduce the risk that pathogens pose to your patients and your staff.

  • Your team is dedicated to patient care. 3M stands with you, and strives to provide PPE that your staff will feel comfortable – and confident – about wearing. Learn more about our dental face masks and filtering facepiece respirators, and discover the science of safety.

  • Adequate fit and seal of filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) are required to provide expected and effective exposure reduction. The proper seal helps ensure that the majority of inhaled air will travel through the respirator’s filter material. Anything that disrupts the fit and seal of the FFR will result in a reduction in the level of protection that the wearer can achieve with the FFR. Certain 3M skin health products may help protect the skin and not interfere with the fit of the respirator.

  • Sterilisation assurance is about more than recordkeeping. It’s the knowledge that your instruments are being properly sterilised every time. It’s the ability to reduce the time required to obtain critical information about the sterilisation process. And it’s the confidence that comes with adhering to best practices for infection prevention.

We’re here to help

3M is committed to helping you navigate the complex situation around COVID-19 health crisis – and around the recovery. Reach out to our knowledgeable customer care team with your product, education or technical questions.

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  • Please note: FFP2 is European equivalent to N95.

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    FAQs about PPE for Dental Professionals

    Get back to work with confidence. is your gateway to useful information about the personal protective equipment that helps keep your staff – and your patients – safe.

    Check out FAQs for Dental Infection Prevention

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  • We regularly provide you with an update on different aspects of our dental porfolio, from impressioning to prevention.

  • In Europe, we only sell and deliver our products through authorized distributors. When you purchase from them, you are protected by our secured supply chain. You have the power to protect your practice and your patients – only buy from the distributors listed here.

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