3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement

3M RelyX Universal Dental Resin Cement is a two-paste resin cement in an ergonomically designed syringe with Micro Mix tip for virtually all self-adhesive and – when used with 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive – secure denture adhesive dual-cure resin cement indications.

So simple yet so powerful

So simple yet so powerful.

High bond strength, easy excess clean-up and designed for less cement and plastic waste.

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  • 3M RelyX Universal Cement Package

    The two that can do it all.

    3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement works both as a standalone, self-adhesive cement and as an adhesive cement when combined with 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive.

    Together they eliminate the hassle and confusion of multiple resin cements, primers and adhesives, simplifying your direct and indirect restorative workflows. With fewer products to stock and replenish, you save space, time and money.

The benefits of our truly universal two component system.

  • cement being applied to a tooth crown
    Outstanding self-adhesive bond strength

    A novel initiator is key for RelyX Universal Resin Cement´s superior self-adhesive bond strength to dentin. Thus, it reliably solves most cases with no need for an additional adhesive or primer. In both light- and self-cure. (Duration 0:57min)

  • RelyX universal together with Scotchbond Universal Plus
    Enhanced bond strength to all substrates in the adhesive mode

    RelyX Universal Resin Cement´s excellent self-adhesive bond is further enhanced by Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive.

    Read full Dental Advisor report

  • Easy excess clean-up on a tooth
    Easy excess clean-up

    Efficient to the last step. RelyX Universal Resin Cement´s unique chemistry ensures excess outflow stays put at the restoration margins, and can be easily removed after tack curing as demonstrated by Prof. Jan Gueth. (Duration 0:43min)

  • Dr. Carlos Sabrosa talking about true 2 component system
    True two-component system

    Learn more about Dr. Carlos Sabrosa´s perspective on how a universal cement could help to simplify and standardise dental procedures. (Duration 1:02min)

Indications for 3M RelyX Universal Dental Cement

  • Tooth icon
    For virtually all adhesive and self-adhesive resin cement indications


  • Document icon
    For virtually all materials including glass ceramics, zirconia, metals and resin-based materials


Reviewed by Style Italiano

Reviewed by Style Italiano


Explore the in-depth review of 3M RelyX Universal for:


  • In depth clinical cases
  • Expert testimonials
  • Hands on videos

Read the full review on Style Italiano

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"Quantum leap in handling and processing!"

Anonymous dentist survey on RelyX Universal, Germany

Proven clinical performance

Proven clinical performance


In a clinical evaluation from the Dental Advisor, 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement received:


  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐     for an “excellent product"
  • Editor’s Choice Award
  • 99% clinical rating

Read the full evaluation on Dental Advisor

Clinical experience with 3M RelyX Universal

Read technical product profile (PDF, 2.7MB)

123 dentists from five countries used the 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement in a field evaluation conducted by 3M. The universality of the system was fully put into play by the participants. 3,806 restorations across the whole indication spectrum were placed employing both the adhesive mode together with 3M Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive as well as the self-adhesive mode of RelyX Universal Resin Cement.

  • 99% with icon showing a happy face
    Virtually no post-op sensitivities

    99% of dentists did not observe post-operative sensitivities.

  • 98% with icon showing a heart
    High overall satisfaction

    98% of dentists were very satisfied
    or satisfied with the cement
    system overall.

  • 95% with icon showing a workflow
    Cost-saving workflows

    95% of dentists agreed the universal
    character of 3M RelyX Universal Resin
    Cement helps to reduce stock and save

  • 97% with icon showing a light bulb
    Easier to train, easier to use

    97% of dentists agreed using one universal
    versus multiple resin cements is easier
    for operatory staff.

Clinical case: Self-adhesive dental cementation of a zirconia crown

Read 15 more clinical cases (PDF, 5.2 MB)
  • Initial situation of tooth

    Initial situation.

  • Initial situation (buccal view).

    Initial situation (buccal view).

  • preparation of the tooth


  • Sandblasting a tooth


  • Application of 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement.

    Application of 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement.

  • Excess clean-up.

    Excess clean-up.

  • Final situation.

    Final situation.

  • Final situation (buccal view).

    Final situation (buccal view).

  • Dr. Gunnar Reich

    Clinical dentistry and photography by:
    Dr. Gunnar Reich, Munich, Germany

Additional benefits and features of 3M RelyX Universal Resin Dental Cement

  • Game-changing 3M automix syringe
    Game-changing 3M automix syringe

    Proprietary 3M design takes automix cement applications to the next level.
    Developed with your needs in mind for easy dispensing, cleaning and storage. (Duration 0:28min)

  • design of syringe showing use of less plastic waste
    Low-waste design

    The unique RelyX Universal Micro Mixing Tip provides 80% less cement waste*. The ergonomic 3.4 g syringe delivers the usual number of applications but with 50% less plastic waste*.
    * per application compared to currently available standard automix systems

  • image showing micro mixing tip
    True two-component system

    The RelyX Universal Micro Mixing Tip is removed right after use – enabling hygienic storage without a used mixing tip. The syringe is cleanly sealed by a unique valve mechanism.

  • design of syringe elongation tip
    Outstanding self-adhesive bond strength

    A thin, long and flexible elongation tip offers easy cement application into the root canal.

See RelyX Universal in action

See RelyX Universal in action
Duration: 2:05min

Explore more details about 3M RelyX Universal

  • Step-by-step booklet

    Get clear step-by-step instructions on how to use 3M RelyX Universal as a self-adhesive, selective-etch adhesive and total-etch adhesive.

    View step-by-step booklet (PDF, 1.75 MB)

  • Technical product profile

    Get all the details for 3M RelyX Universal including:
    Clinical experience, Chemical compositions, Aesthetic properties, Radiopacity and much more.

    View technical product profile (PDF, 2.7 MB)

  • Clinical case collection

    A true two-component system that solves
    virtually all adhesive and self-adhesive dual-cure
    resin cement cases as well as bonding for direct
    composite build-ups and fillings. See more
    details in our 16 clinical cases.

    View clinical case collection (PDF, 5.2 MB)

Dive a little deeper with insights from industry experts

  • 3M Brain Floss Blog with Prof. Stefan Vandeweghe, DMD, PhD


  • labyrinth divided by an golden arrow


  • Simplifying Tooth Cementation

    Confused about dental cement? You’re not alone. Discover how to simplify cementation and streamline your practice – starting with your inventory.

    Author: Prof. Stefan Vandeweghe, DMD, PhD

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