Digital Dental Materials

Our chairside and laboratory digital dental materials and equipment—including new 3M™ Lava™ Esthetic Fluorescent Full-Contour Zirconia for durable, natural-looking full-contour restorations—help you create strong, high quality, esthetically pleasing restorations.

3M digital dental materials

Trusted digital dental material selection to make your job easier.

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    Efficiently mill crowns and bridges that provide strength and aesthetics

    • Dental material selection is one of the most crucial factors in indirect restorative dentistry and it needs to be done before anything else. To tailor the restoration individually to the indication and the patient´s needs, multiple clinical and material associated parameters have to be considered.

      Depending on the clinical case, aesthetics and strength should be taken into account. The main options include silicate ceramics and oxide ceramics. In any case, the ultimate ambition should always be to save as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Chairside Digital Dental Materials

See how we can help you impress your patients with chairside restorations that are both lifelike and long-lasting. Plus, our digital dentistry materials are designed for efficiency – to help keep your day on track.

  • A nano ceramic restorative that handles like porcelain, with the benefits of both glass ceramic and resin materials.

Laboratory Digital Dental Materials

See how we can help you produce high-quality restorations while improving productivity. Our digital dentistry materials are designed to work with open architecture milling systems – and to help you produce more batches per day.

  • Combine full-contour strength with the esthetics of glass ceramics, including tooth-like fluorescence that looks natural even under a black light.

    Please contact your local distributor Argen or Techceram for more information.

  • Compared to other zirconias, the patented formula of Lava Plus zirconia system provides significantly higher translucency, without compromising strength.

    Please contact your local distributor Argen or Techceram for more information.

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Proven clinical performance

In a clinical evaluation from the Dental Advisor, 3M Lava Crowns and Bridges received:

  • 95% clinical rating
  • Over 97% of Lava restorations received an excellent rating for resistance to wear.

Read the full evaluation on Dental Advisor

3M Chairside Zirconia

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    Why Knowing Your Material Matters

    A simplified approach for navigating material selection decisions.

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Simplify lab communication from start to finish

  • Strong collaboration between the dentist and dental technician is critical for workflow optimisation. We've created custom checklists, forms and more to help facilitate communication from start to finish.

    Clear communication makes a world of difference. The Success Simplified program offers five comprehensive checklists to help the dental lab and dentist exchange critical information every step of the way.

    Listen to Prof. Jan-Frederik Güth and learn why a streamlined dentist – lab communication is so critical.

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Tools for dentists and labs

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