Dental Temporisation Material

While they may not be permanent, provisional restorations play an important role in the tooth replacement – and your patients’ confidence.
3M Protemp™ Temporisation Materials combines strength and aesthetics, for temporary crowns and bridges that give everyone confidence.

Create strong, esthetic provisional restorations.

Create strong, aesthetic provisional restorations.

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  • 3M Protemp 4

    Temporisation simplified

      Temporary restorations are an indispensable part of the complete crown and bridge restorative procedure, and the roles which a temporary restoration must fulfil have become more demanding over time. In the past, the functional aspects of temporary restoration predominated. However, with recent advancements in restorative dentistry, there is an ever increasing demand placed on aesthetics as well as structural strength.

      3M materials and systems provide a simple and clean way to create strong, good-looking provisional restorations. The smooth surface is easy to shine and it supports patients' oral hygiene and gingival health through easy plaque removal.

Create strong, aesthetic provisionals with minimal work with 3M's Provisional Restorative Material

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    A fast and easy procedure

    Easy handling and short setting time. Just wipe with alcohol for a fast, beautiful shine! A smooth, glossy surface enables easy plaque removal to support gingival health. No need to polish or glaze.

  • Chemical strength icon
    Record-breaking toughness

    3M nanofillers and polymers work together to make Protemp 4 strong, flexible and fast making it suitable for a wide range of applications:

    • Temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers
    • Long-lasting temporary restorations
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    Outstanding aesthetics

    Protemp 4 looks naturally beautiful in any lighting conditions — and holds its color, which is especially important for long-term indications.

Temporary dental material to cover your needs

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  • Bis-acrylic composite material with 3M nanofiller technology. For reliably strong temporary restorations with splendid aesthetics.

  • Protemp crown temporisation material is the world’s first single-unit, self-supporting, malleable and light curable composite crown.

  • These prefabricated stainless steel crowns are manufactured with life-like height, contour and occlusal surface. Pre-crimped at the cervical margin for fast and easy placement.

Proven clinical performance

Proven clinical performance

In a clinical evaluation from the Dental Advisor, 3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Material received:

  •     for a “very good product”
  • Long-Term Performer: 2018 Top Award winner
  • 92% clinical rating

Read the full evaluation from Dental Advisor (PDF 1MB)

Try 3M Protemp Temporisation Material for yourself.

Try 3M Protemp Temporisation Material for yourself.

A representative will schedule an in-office or a virtual demo.
No purchase necessary.


“Protemp 4 Temporisation Material is easy to use and produces a very strong and durable temporary restoration.”

Dental Advisor consultant - Read the full evaluation (PDF 1MB)

Learn more about the 3M Protemp Temporisation Material

  • Why temporisation?
    Why temporisation?

    Watch this short video to learn how temporisation can help with your patients treatment satisfaction.

    Duration: 1:15 min

  • Why choose bis-acrylic material?
    Why choose bis-acrylic material?

    Bisacrylics have multiple advantages over acrylics for Temporisation. Watch this video for details.

    Duration: 1:50 min

  • 3M Protemp 4 Temporization Overview
    3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Overview

    Duration: 0:43 min

  • 5 Year Long Term Temporisation with 3M Protemp 4 - Review by Dr. Carlos Sabrosa
    5 Year Long Term Temporisation with 3M Protemp 4 - Review by Dr. Carlos Sabrosa

    Duration: 1:40 min

Explore 3M Protemp Temporisation Material in depth

  • Temporisation Process Overview

    Simplify everyday Temporisation. Get an overview about the four key steps of the temporisation procedure and learn how a provisional contributes to the success of the final restoration.

  • 3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Material Brochure

    Learn more about the 3M Protemp 4 temporisation material.

  • 3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Material Technical Data Sheet

    Get all the details on 3M Protemp 4 including: material toughness and strenght details, aesthetics compared to human tooth, color stability, gingival health and more.

  • 3M Protemp 4 Procedure Overview

    Get an overview of the whole temporisation procedure and the learn more on how to your procedure, your productivity and your patients can benefit from each step.

  • Case: Outstanding aesthetics and record breaking toughness for long term temporaries.

    Using 3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Material
    Clinical case by Giovanni Molina Lugo, DDS, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Case: Test-driving anterior restorations for a highly aesthetics outcome.

    Using 3M Protemp 4 Temporisation Material
    Clinical case by Giovanni Molina Lugo, DDS, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Computer screen showing dental temporisation webinar
  • On-Demand Webinar:
    Temporisation - bridging the gap from diagnosis to final

    In this on-demand webinar we will help you get an overview of temporisation basics, supplemental sub-procedures like cementing, repairing or finishing & polishing temporary restorations, hands-on demonstrations and more.

    Our speakers: Alyson Phillips, 3M Global Category Manager and Thuy Tran, 3M Scientific Affairs Manager

    Free on-demand webinar (27min)


Ready to give 3M Protemp Temporisation Material a try?

Ready to give 3M Protemp Temporisation Material a try?

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