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Clinpro White Varnish

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Comprehensive treatment can be fast and easy

Every day you see patients who don’t brush and floss like they should. The plaque, bacteria and sugars in their mouths form acids that weaken tooth structure, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay. That’s why an effective plan for treating their caries must also include a strategy to protect from caries at home. If that sounds time-consuming or complicated—it isn’t. 3M gives you a comprehensive solution that restores and protects… and that’s fast and easy, too.

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Effective care for high-risk patients starts in your practice and follows them home

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  • dentist appointment


    Read about our fluoride-releasing glass ionomers, which cater for either aesthetics offering eight different shades, or efficiency with a fast one-step, stress-bearing restorative solution.


    Apply advanced fluoride varnish with extended release formula and durable long-lasting coating for effective protection.


    An easy, no-fuss protection to strenghten and repair early lesions with our sodium fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste.

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Paediatric caries treatment

  • Protocol for a Successful Infant Oral Care Visit

    Six step protocol for a successful infant oral care visit

    Dr Patricia Gatón: Director of odontopediatric postgraduate programs - University of Barcelona

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Four videos for your waiting room

  • Caries

    How do caries form and how can you prevent them?

  • Fluoride

    Why the power of fluoride can make enamel more resistant to attack.

  • Healthy Teeth

    How fluoride, calcium and phosphate help to make teeth strong and healthy.

  • Saliva

    How saliva works hard to keep enamel strong and healthy.

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