Beautiful, strong, simple

3M Beautiful, strong, simple

3M™ Filtek™ Supreme XTE Universal Restorative: The dental composite that does it all.

3M™ Filtek Supreme XTE universal restorative

  • Filtek Supreme XTE

    With over 400 million* dental restorations globally, Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative is the dental composite that has it all; beauty for anterior restorations, and strength for posterior restorations.

    • Excellent wear resistance1
    • Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior use2
    • Excellent polish retention3
    • Wide range of shades and opacities
    • Exceptional handling4


    *Filtek™ Supreme Universal Restorative line

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Any place, any class

any place any time

An aesthetic solution

  • For dentists who prefer the simplicity of a single-shade technique:

    Choose from 17 natural-looking body shades that match the VITA® classical Shade Guide. Our research shows that dentists tend to choose these eight shades for the majority of their restorative cases.

  • For dentists who prefer a dual-shade or multi-layering technique:

    Choose from 36 beautiful shades and four opacities. Syringes and capsule bottle labels are colour-coded by opacity (Dentin, Body, Enamel, Translucent).

    Watch on YouTube: The Dual-Shade Technique

    Anterior restoration created using three shades (A3D, A3.5B, A1E) of Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative.

Important restorative advantages

  • Unsurpassed aesthetics
    Superb aesthetics

    With a wide range of shades and opacities, Filtek Supreme XTE offers excellent polish retention for a stunning finish every time3.

  • Excellent strength
    Excellent strength

    Filtek Supreme XTE restorative has better flexural strength compared to EsthetX® HD, Herculite® Ultra and Tetric EvoCeram®, and is comparable to other composites tested2.

  • Lowest wear rate
    Low wear rate

    Filtek Supreme XTE restorative has a wear resistance equivalent to enamel (in vivo studies).5

  • True nanotechnology
    True nanotechnology

    Our innovative technology features unique nanoclusters that wear at a similar rate to the surrounding resin matrix, helping maintain a smooth surface gloss.6

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