Design and Specialty Materials Capabilities

Design and Specialty Materials Capabilities

Performance. Productivity. Freedom of Design. It all starts right here.

How do you make your products quieter? Stronger? Sustainable? How do you engineer-in lightness without compromising durability? Or boost productivity without sacrificing quality?

3M understands the design and manufacturing challenges you face every day. That’s why we offer cutting-edge products and technologies that deliver clearly defined capabilities. You can spec one of our ceramics or polymers, tapes or adhesives, with the high confidence that they’ll perform as expected—and help you bring smarter, better products to market.

  • 3M Capabilities For Assembly Improvement
    Assembly Improvement

    Faster, Easier, More Efficient Assembly Starts Here

    Based on 100-plus years of “sticky science,” our adhesive technologies are used all over the world; in general manufacturing and in specialty applications ranging from trailers to medical devices. Our extensive portfolio gives you more options for putting it all together—with less weight, in less time and with improved aesthetics.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Chemical and Temperature Resistance
    Chemical and Temperature Resistance

    Engineering Your Products for Extreme Environments

    The blistering heat inside a car’s engine, the frozen depths of outer space or the corrosive effects of harsh chemicals can push conventional materials beyond their limits. Our temperature and corrosion resistant materials are engineered to survive these extreme environments, protect critical equipment and help keep your operations online.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Custom Compounding Services
    Custom Compounding Services

    Polymer compounding services offer customization for unique applications Sometimes standard polymer formulations don’t fit the requirements of your unique application. Through our custom compounding facilities, you have the ability to create unique formulations with specific properties that are not inherent to the base polymer. Enhancements can range from making the base polymer easy to extrude to functional benefits such as weight reduction or improved dimensional stability.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Lightweighting

    How Designing With Less Gives You So Much More

    Imagine a jet aircraft that can fly farther on less fuel. A vehicle fleet with a smaller carbon footprint. A shipment of parts that costs less to transport across the world. We can help you reduce material costs, improve manufacturing productivity and enhance consumer appeal through lightweighting—so you can do more with less.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Permeation Resistance
    Permeation Resistance

    Emission reduction isn’t just about meeting standards. It’s about meeting our responsibilities to protect the health of people and our planet. Today, we’re more aware than ever of the need to minimize the environmental impact of evaporative emissions. Our low-permeation plastics and elastomers are used in seals, hoses, liners and much more to help keep many gases, fuels and chemicals where they belong.

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  • 3M Capabilities to Improve Production Efficiency
    Production Efficiency

    Your time is valuable and the success of your business depends on efficient, cost-effective operations. See how we may help you increase throughput, reduce defects, simplify processing and improve productivity – all while delivering consistent product quality.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Surface Protection and Weathering
    Surface Protection and Weathering

    The Science of Protecting Against Nature's Worst

    Orbiting spacecraft. Iconic architecture. The roof of your own home. We’re helping structures and equipment withstand the elements in the most extreme environments on earth – and beyond. From gale-force winds to impact by rain, sand and even micrometeoroids, 3M materials and technologies can help you weather some of the world’s worst weather.

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  • 3M Capabilities For Thermal Management
    Thermal Management

    Maintaining Performance When the Heat Is On

    As electric cars rev up, battery and engine compartments get smaller. Our thermally conductive but electrically isolating materials can work in tight spaces to alleviate heat build-up. As we drill for oil deeper in the ocean, thermal management becomes paramount. Our non-thermally conductive additives can provide insulation in harsh environments.

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Get expert help finding the right capabilities and solutions

With so many products and capabilities to choose from, finding exactly what you need can be a challenge. But there’s a short cut: Talk to a 3M technical specialist and get expert help on the right materials for your application.