24. Feb. 2016
Smart Facade Materials Conference
Learn what 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoropolymer materials have to offer for the construction of smart facades!
Wels, Austria


22. - 24. Mar. 2017
SPE's Additives & Color Europe
3M™ Dynamar™ Polymer Processing Additives can be added to different layers of multilayer packaging films to enhance film clarity and reduce production defects. Discuss your plans with our technical experts. Venice, Italy

29. - 30. Mar. 2017
VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Congress
We will be presenting lightweight solutions with 3M™ Glass Bubbles for plastics in the automotive industry. Mannheim, Germany


04. - 06. Apr. 2017
European Coatings Show
Find out how 3M is supporting anti-friction/non-stick and lightweight applications with its unique PTFE Micropowder and Fluoroplastic Dispersion portfolio as
well as 3M Glass Bubbles. Visit us in hall 4 on booth 226!
Nuremberg, Germany


09. - 12. May 2017
3M is presenting its unique Fluoroplastic raw material portfolio for realising the most modern and sustainable architecture constructions in the world: Fluoropolymer films or membranes, or fluoropolymer-coated membranes are used where flexibility in the construction is needed. Visit us in hall 3.0 on booth A49!
Frankfurt, Germany


17. - 21. Oct. 2017
We will exhibit our 3M™ Glass Bubbles and Fluoropolymer product portfolio. Learn about the unique compressive strengh to density ratio of our tiny bubbles or the excellent temperature and chemical resistance of our Fluoropolymers. We would be pleased to discuss your potential application ideas. Visit us in hall B4 on booth 4406!
Friedrichshafen, Germany


14. - 17. Nov. 2016
We will be presenting our patent-pending 3D printing technology as an additional and differentiated way of processing fully-fluorinated polymers. This will enable complex structures to be fabricated without the need to use expensive traditional processing techniques.
Frankfurt, Germany

30. Nov. - 01. Dec. 2016
Lightweight Vehicle Conference
We will be presenting lightweight solutions with 3M™ Glass Bubbles for plastics in the automotive industry as well as a two-component injection moulding process bonding PA with FKM in a single production step without the use of primers.
Berlin, Germany

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