• Energy efficient primer-free FKM - PA 46 composites

    September 01, 2013

    Primer-free FKM-PA 46 component material is lightweight, very strong and it easily stands up to high heat (200 °C) and aggressive substances, such as oil and fuels, making it a lighter, very viable alternative to metal and metal-elastomer composite materials for the automotive industry, particularly, for power train components. It is manufactured from DSM Stanyl® polyamide 46 and 3M Dyneon fluoroelastomer using an efficient dual-component (2K) injection molding process, prior to vulcanization.

    • DSM Dyneon - PA 46 composites

      The material's composition is twofold but its manufacturing advantages are manifold, largely eliminating the need for the expensive, environmentally unfriendly and often complicated processing that is typically required for metal parts. As the manufacturing process is less complex, the new material combination allows manufacturers to increase product quality consistency significantly while reducing the use and thereby the disposal or recycling of lubricants, cleaning agents and other manufacturing materials. "Our automotive customers have been delighted with the benefits, especially the weight reduction and durability plus the sizeable savings, not only driven by material cost but also by simplified and more sustainable production processes" says Ralph Ramaekers, Global Manager Powertrain at DSM Engineering Plastics B.V.

      Watch our latest videos on primer free bonding of FKM and PA 46: www.dyneon.eu/2k-project

      If you would like to know more about primer free bonding of FKM and PA 46, download the brochure by clicking below:

      Primer Free Bonding of Dyneos's FKM and DSM's Stanyl® PA 46

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