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  • 3M Low Voltage Termination

    April 23, 2014
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    • Our Cold Shrink low voltage termination utilities our tool free cold shrink technology where no heat is required for its application. Our cold shrink range is an effective alternative to heat shrink based methods and can be used in Indoor applications rated up to & including 1.9/3.3kV. To install, the earthing braid is positioned and fixed in place with a constant force spring.

      Scotch®™ 23 tape is used to over tape the constant force springs. Ensuring it is applied in the same direction as the constant force spring. Scotch® 2228 tape is used to over tape the constant force springs & Scotch®™ 23 tape.

      The cold shrink break out boot is then positioned and installed. These products are cold applied and therefore quicker, easier and safer to install than heat shrink alternatives, and they are also ideal where hot work permits are difficult to obtain. Scotch®™ 23 tape is then used to over tape the barrel of the lug and onto the insulation to moisture seal the lug. The cold shrink tubes are then positioned and installed, being carefully trimmed to length over the lug.